Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tick..Tock....time never waits... I've got two pieces of Roman garb done and five more to go.  I've finished a friend's apron dress and still need to do her under tunic for the outfit and a young lady's tunic as well. 

And I have until the evening of the 22nd to get it all done AND be packed for Pennsic.

I'm determined to have the Roman garb this year for working because I'm not just there to lay about but to physically work in a booth full of fabric and help customers like I did last year.  This year however, I'm making sure to wear THE most comfy outfits while I'm doing it!!

Did I also mention I was determined to make sure they were cool to handle the Pennsic humidity and heat as well???

Yeah..I would have to say that's pretty important for me. LOL

Most of the Roman's are out of colored gauze which should be okay.  I'm hoping they won't be TOO see through and I'll be wearing my palla with my outfits for the most part when I'm out and about so in case the sun peeks through my garment...that should help me not be VERY visible to others. LOL

Here's to hoping.  I'll have to post pics soon if I can or get pictures done at Pennsic and post those later on.

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